Is Chicken Good for Nursing Dogs?

nursing dog

A healthy pregnancy of your dog will mostly give birth to healthy puppies. But the real challenge comes when the nursing dog requires sufficient energy to feed her little ones. The mother dog requires optimal care and observation right after the pregnancy. She usually lost weight after giving birth to little ones. As a dog … Read more

What to feed a two-month-old kitten?


A newborn kitten can easily fit on your palm and has a tiny stomach. The stomach of a newborn kitten is almost the size of your thumb. Like other mammals, it depends on her mother’s milk for complete nutrition.  A Newborn kitten depends on her mother’s milk within two hours in the first week. But … Read more

8 Best Shampoos for Bichon Frise

Bichon frise

Bichon Frise is an adorable small cute dog. They have a velvety white coat which makes them look attractive. You need to brush their white coat two to three times a week. Simultaneously you have to bathe them at least two times a month. Bathing will help in keeping the coat of Bichon Frise clean … Read more

5 Best Finger Toothbrush for Small Dogs


Human beings love to play and spend time with dogs. But most dog owners don’t give importance to the oral health of their dog, which results in building tartar and plaque. If you don’t treat them, it can lead to infection and oral diseases. A finger toothbrush plays a vital role in cleaning small dogs’ … Read more

Green Tiger Barb as Aquarium Fish: Pet Guide

Green Tiger Barb

Undoubtedly, green tiger barbs are fascinating fishes to have in your aquarium. They have active behavior, vibrant colors, and are fun to look at. Several other qualities make them ideal for a home tank. Due to their nippy behavior and tendency to chase slow fishes, they are often aggressive. They prefer staying in groups for … Read more

Best Dog Wheelchairs to buy in 2022

Those days were gone when mobility issues were nearly a death sentence for the dogs. As a result, if dogs suffered from mobility issues, they did not get the proper treatment. But as said earlier, now the thing is different. With the advancement of veterinary science, you can deal with their problems in several ways. … Read more

What to feed a 6-week old kitten?

If your kitten is 6-week old, you must take proper care as it is their crucial time for development. The little one will grow and develop rapidly in that time. Besides, it is also significant as kittens are prone to many threats. As a result, they need constant attention, care, perfect food, and protection to … Read more

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