Human beings love to play and spend time with dogs. But most dog owners don’t give importance to the oral health of their dog, which results in building tartar and plaque. If you don’t treat them, it can lead to infection and oral diseases. A finger toothbrush plays a vital role in cleaning small dogs’ teeth as it helps remove plaque and tartar.

The article lists the best finger toothbrush for small dogs. So, you can keep reading the article to learn more about the procedures for brushing dogs’ teeth and some of the best finger toothbrushes available on the market.


Best Finger Toothbrush For Small Dogs

Dog teeth are not like humans, they have sharp angles. When a dog eats food that contains Colors like turmeric, sauce, and ice cream; tarter can deposit on dog teeth which can be cleaned only with help of a toothbrush.

1. Vet’s Best Dog Toothbrush

The bristles on this brush help lessen plaque and tartar from your dog’s mouth. Additionally, it helps prevent oral diseases and immediately gives freshness to your dog’s mouth. The brush is extra soft, making it gentle on your dog’s gum Vet’s Best Dog Toothbrush. 


  • Soft bristles
  • Flexible design
  • Work wonders for any size of a pet dog.


  • It makes the teeth clean and white.
  • No harsh chemicals in the brush. So it is safe for your dog.


  • Some customers complain that it has a lousy fit for an average size finger.

2. Jasper 360oDog FingerBrush Toothbrush Kit(2 Pack) 

The 360-degree bristle design of this brush has 12 times more bristle area than traditional brushes. So, it helps in pulling out more plaque compared to fewer strokes. It comprises 100 percent silicon. So whenever you add water drops into it, the silicon expands on the large finger and creates a seal on a small finger. Consequently, the brush will not slip off your pet dog’s mouth. You can use this brush for both small and large dogs.

Veterinary dental specialists have developed the jasper 360-degree finger brush to help dog owners clean their teeth. You must add a few drops of water to this brush and a dime of pet toothpaste. Then gently brush the teeth of your pet dog in a circular motion.

Clean the brush after cleaning the teeth and store it in a clean, handy case. Sterilize the brush from time to time by boiling it.


  • Soft and gentle
  • Easy to use
  • 360-degree design
  • Painless
  • Nontoxic
  • Comfortable for your pet dog


  • Clean the entire mouth of your pet dog quickly.
  • Efficient and effective


  • The brush will not protect your finger if your pet dog’s habit is of chomping anything that enters its mouth.

3. H&H Pets Dog Toothbrushes Best Professional Toothbrush

This finger toothbrush comprises safe material. So it will not harm your dog’s teeth. Additionally, the bristles on the brush are soft enough to clean your dog’s teeth. Again there is a 60-day money-back guarantee, i.e., if you don’t like this brush, you can return it.

The package consists of 8 toothbrushes, and the hardness of the bristles is tested and controlled so that they will not harm your pet dog in any manner.

The H&H toothbrushes have a curve profile, making it possible to reach the hard spots on your dog’s gums.

So, using this product daily will surely help your dog reduce dental problems like plaque and tartar.


  • Soft bristles
  • Easy to use


  • Improves the oral health of your dog.
  • keep s your dog’s clean white
  • Reduce dental issues.


  • Some customers don’t like the fingertip of the brush as it is a bit thick.

4. BOSHEL Dog Finger Toothbrush 

The toothbrush works wonders in cleaning the teeth of your pet dog. A long brush cannot reach many parts of your dog’s teeth and can lead to dental problems. But a finger brush can reach spots that are pretty difficult to get and thus helps in cleaning your dog’s teeth. The package consists of 8 finger toothbrushes, i.e., six silicon bristles and two nylon bristle brushes for dogs.

The silicon finger toothbrush has a one-inch finger opening which is quite comfortable for both men and women.


  • Tear resistant
  • Flexible
  • Heat resistant
  • It can be used for all pet sizes


  • Greater starter brush for puppies.
  • Cleans the teeth of your puppy and prevents any oral problems.


  • Some customers say they are hard to use as they don’t get tightened on the fingers.

5. 2 Pack Dog Wveroa Toothbrush For Dog Teeth Cleaning 

Wveroa finger toothbrushes have soft bristles. Thatswhy you will find your pet dog enjoying his brushing every day. The kit set consists of four toothbrushes, which are ¾ inches in diameter.

You must apply the proper amount of toothpaste to the finger brush and gently clean your dog’s teeth. Then wash the brush with soap and water and allow it to dry. Put the finger toothbrush in case after drying completely. You will observe white teeth within a few days. 


  • 360-degree ergonomic design
  • Soft bristles
  • Ten times more bristles
  • It consists of soft silicone, which allows comfort while cleaning a dog’s teeth
  • Suitable for all-size dogs


  • Lessens plaque and tartar
  • Help to make the teeth whiter
  • Healthy gums
  • The bush can easily reach all the teeth surfaces of your dog.


  • Some customers say that bristles are too large for dogs under 20 lbs.

What Are The Top 8 Tips To Brush Dog’s Teeth Effectively?

1. Choose A Proper Time

You should brush your teeth when your puppy is completely relaxed. If your dog’s mouth is healthy, you don’t need to brush it daily. But try to brush at least three times every seven days. It will help in removing plaque and tartar and reduces many oral diseases.

2. Gather Tools Required For Brushing Teeth

You will need toothpaste and a toothbrush to brush your dog’s teeth. You should use a brush that comprises soft bristles and good quality material which will be safe for canines.

Additionally, select toothpaste that is only meant for dogs. Never use human toothpaste for brushing the teeth of your dog.

3. Assume Position

You need to kneel or sit close to your dog and check its anxiety level. If he is upset or sad, try brushing his teeth after some time.

4. You Need To Make The Gums Of Your Puppy Ready

First, try to rub your finger on the gums of your dog. But don’t apply too much pressure at this stage. Make your dog comfortable before using a finger brush.

5. Use Toothpaste

Now take some toothpaste and allow your dog to lick it. If your dog licks the toothpaste every time you give or demand more, it’s the right one for him. But you can try another toothpaste flavor if he refuses to lick after some days.

6. Try a Toothbrush

Now you can toothbrush along with toothpaste. You need to lift the upper lip and start placing the brush at a 45-degree angle on the teeth. It will help remove plaques and tartar and massage your dog’s gums.

Additionally, you need to brush your dog’s teeth in a circular motion. The gums may bleed for some time while massaging gums. Light bleeding is fine, but heavy bleeding is a sign of aggressive brushing or gum disease.

If your puppy resists at the time of brushing, then try to brush at the back of the teeth. It helps in removing plaque and tartar.

7. Pat Your Dog While Brushing

You must keep the mood as light as possible by talking with or patting him.

8. Reward Your Dog

You can reward your puppy after brushing his teeth. Again try to give some chew toys. They even help remove plaque, tartar, and your puppy can maintain good oral health.

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What Are The Foods That Will Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy?

1. Raw Bones

You can give raw bones to your dog as it helps in providing an adequate amount of calcium. But make sure the size of the bone should be enough for the dog to chew. 

2. Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

You should feed your dog fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots, pumpkins, and apples, as they will not stick to your dog’s teeth. If you are giving commercial food, then prefer to buy products that do not have sugar or fat content.

3. Yogurt

You can add yogurt to your dog’s diet. Yogurt is not only helpful for the intestine of your dog but also helps in killing harmful bacteria in the mouth of your furry friend.

What Not To Feed A Dog For Healthy Teeth?

  • Baked products
  • Candy
  • Wheat
  • Kibble

How Often To Brush Dog’s Teeth?

You can brush your dog’s teeth two times a day. Some dogs enjoy brushing their teeth once a day. However, it is recommended that you should brush your dog at least three times a week for healthy gums.


Brushing canine teeth can help remove tartar and plaque, promoting various oral diseases, inflammation, injury, and others. Choose any finger brush discussed above and keep your dog healthy and white. Try to brush gently and at least three times a week.

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