If your kitten is 6-week old, you must take proper care as it is their crucial time for development. The little one will grow and develop rapidly in that time. Besides, it is also significant as kittens are prone to many threats. As a result, they need constant attention, care, perfect food, and protection to prevent themselves from several diseases and parasites like fleas.

But when it comes to picking the best and right foods for your little six-week kittens, it is essential for offering healthy growth and improvement. As kittens require a different diet, you must provide them with distinct food types than senior or adult cats. Offering them a healthy diet will maximize the chance of their healthy and disease-free growth.

So, after feeding their mother’s milk for a few times, kittens look for some varied foods. In that case, you will find multiple kittens-foods out there. The company manufactured these foods with high-quality and essential nutrients so that your kitten will get a healthy life. But remember that they need a more balanced diet for their successful growth. As a result, you should provide them with protein-based food for rapid growth and development. Protein also helps them to gain more energy, and they feel active all the time. Besides, they also require calcium for developing strong teeth and bones. In addition, DHA promotes better vision and brain function. Therefore, purchasing some ready-made products will not keep them healthy and offer a better development. You must look at these essentials before buying any food products and feeding them.

So if you have a six-week-old kitten or are planning to bring home one, you need to consider several things while feeding them. At this stage, your kittens should be comfortable eating solid foods. 
Therefore, select some wet and dry foods made especially for them. Remember that you have to feed them 3-4 times a day for better growth and healthy life. Besides, read the below section to know which foods are best for your little kitten. It will explain all the nutritious foods to offer your kitten a balanced and healthy diet.

·        Canned foods

Canned foods are one of the nutritious foods for your baby kittens. These contain numerous components or ingredients that will make them a better way to promote healthy growth and development to your kitten. These foods also come in different kinds and tastes. As a result, your kitten will not feel bored if you provide them with these. You might offer fish, shrimp, some types of poultry foods, and others. Some food products also have pure vegetables, and others have only meat. All you need to do is give them a spoonful of these foods 2-3 days a week as a special treat to change their diet.

·        Scrambled eggs

One of the most loved and healthy foods for your kitten is scrambled eggs. Like us, kittens also prefer to eat them as they taste nice and are a great source of essential elements. When you make them for yourself, you can offer your little kitten a little spoonful of scrambled eggs. After all, sharing and caring can also give them some nutrition, and your kitten will also taste something new. Remember to offer them these types of eggs before adding butter, salsa, salt, and pepper.

·        Fresh and saltwater fish

Instead of offering them ready-made foods, you can also share your homemade fish with them. You can feed your kittens any fish, be it freshwater or saltwater. A tiny bit of tuna, salmon, trout, or catfish will promote enhanced and healthy growth. But keep in mind that only offer them a little or a teaspoon to avoid further complications.

·        Cooked meats

Apart from cooked eggs and fish, do not hesitate and feel free to give your kitten-cooked meats. A tiny bit of chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, or venison never hurts. Rather they are a good source of essential proteins and vitamins. But, never offer them fatty and greasy fried meats as they can damage their stomach. Besides, never include sausage, bacon, and hot dogs in their diet, as these will upset your kitten’s digestive function and cause diarrhea. 

·        Salad

Kittens or cats are carnivores. It indicates that you have to feed them meat to eat. But to offer them a balanced and nutritious diet, include vegetables in their diet chart also. It will help them to get helpful vitamins, fiber, and minerals. So, offering them some diced lettuce, broccoli florets, and other salad greens will assist them a lot in their healthy growth and development. Remember that never feeding them extra as a pinch is enough at a time.

·        Squash and pumpkin

You can cook pumpkin and squash for your family, right? So, why not set aside a bit for your baby kitten? After all, a bit of these vegetables can be helpful for their life. They will get all the essential vitamins and nutrients from these. But if you do not eat these, you can microwave some for a few seconds, rest them for cooling and give your kitten a little of them. You can also preserve the rest in the freezer.

·        Cat grass

You will notice cat grass kits or growing cat grass in several pet shops. By purchasing it, you can grow edible grass at home. It is usually oat or wheatgrass that offers fiber, minerals, and vitamins significantly. Your kittens also get something new to eat, and you will see they love uprooting them more than eating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most asked queries that six weeks kitten owners have. 

1.     How much do I feed my kitten?

Though it will vary, you can feed your six-week-old kitten 3-4 times per day. You can give them ¼ to ⅓ of a cup of dry food a day.

2.     What do I offer kittens if they get diarrhea?

If your baby kitten has diarrhea, the first thing you need to do is consult a vet. After that, provide them fluids and nutrients to fulfill the lost energy.

3.     What does a 6-week old kitten look like?

You will see tiny blue eyes popped up at the beginning of six weeks. After some weeks, you will notice their eye color transforms. At that time, their claws will not retract. But you will discover their skin getting nearer to being ready. Kitten owners love this stage as their kittens look adorable at this time.

4.     What is the normal weight of 6-week old kittens?

Though it might vary depending on the rate of growth and development, the weight of a normal kitten should be between 650-750 grams. They will gain weight with every passing day. But if you notice that your kitten is not achieving proper weight even after providing all the essential foods and vitamins, consult your vet and ask for opinions. Your kitten might have some issues, and as a result, it hinders growth.   

  1. How to take care of an orphaned 6-week old kitten?

If you take an orphaned kitten to your home, you must take good care of her and feed her appropriately. After all, a mother knows how to take care and provide warmth to her child. So, you have to give her a combo of slurry and wet food. After a few days, you will see the kitten gain a little bit of weight and growth. Though the growing pace might become slow at this time, you will still notice weight gains after some weeks. Besides, offer your kitten a balanced diet with essential minerals, fibers, and vitamins. 

6. Can kittens have milk?

A fully weaned kitten does not require milk. Instead, you will find milk replacement formulas. Some people also give them cow milk. But cow milk does not offer essential nutrients to your baby kitten.

Summing it up

To sum up, feeding is a crucial responsibility for pet ownership. Focus on it to offer your kitten a healthy life. After all, you must keep your kitten healthy and secure for her better growth and development. You might need to change your lifestyle to take care of your little 6-week old kitten also. So, we can expect that the above food items and tips will help you feed your little kitten. 

But before feeding them any food, remember that you only have to offer them 10% as more than this will cause disturbance in their digestive system. As a result, your kitten might get diarrhea, and it might also hamper its balanced growth and development cycle. Besides, giving only a single new food item at a time offers a chance to taste and understand the food before giving it to others. With all these things in mind, you can provide your lovable kitten a healthy and balanced diet and growth. So, never waste time and offer her a better diet plan to help her grow.

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