nursing dog

A healthy pregnancy of your dog will mostly give birth to healthy puppies. But the real challenge comes when the nursing dog requires sufficient energy to feed her little ones.

The mother dog requires optimal care and observation right after the pregnancy.

She usually lost weight after giving birth to little ones. As a dog owner, it’s your duty to feed a nursing dog good quality food to regain her original weight.

So, is chicken good for nursing dogs? Yes, you can give the chicken to nursing dogs. They are excellent sources of protein and will help your nursing dog and provide energy to your furry friend.

Simultaneously a nursing dog usually becomes dehydrated after giving birth. Additionally, she needs plenty of water to produce milk and feed her little ones. So try to provide fresh, clean water to your nursing dog.

The article discusses nursing dogs feeding. So, keep reading this article to learn about the diet of the nursing dog.

nursing dog

What Should I Feed My Nursing Dog?

Nursing dogs require special feeding. Your dog goes through a delicate phase at the time of nursing. So, try to feed good quality food specially formulated for a nursing dog. For instance, you can give your furry friend pedigree mother and baby dog starters.

 It consists of chicken, rice, milk, and other essential vitamins and minerals, which are highly required for a nursing mother and her puppies. It even contains fiber which can increase the gut health of a nursing dog.

But, if you don’t want to give commercial dog food to your furry friend, you can provide homemade food. For instance, you can give chicken. The chicken wings and legs are good sources of calcium. Additionally, the raw bones of chicken are a good source of protein and fat, which are highly beneficial for dogs.

Try to add some greens, whole grains, and milk to the diet of the nursing dog, as they are essential for her health.

The most important thing you must remember is that the food you choose for a nursing dog should be easily digestible. It is no use if you give food to a nursing dog that she cannot digest. She will excrete all the vitamins and nutrients in feces or urine, which can make your dog malnourished.

Additionally, don’t worry if you overfeed your furry friend. It is because your nursing dog requires extra calories, vitamins, and minerals compared to a nonlactating dog. She needs extra calories to prepare milk and feed her little ones.

What Are The Tips You Need To Remember While Feeding Nursing Dog?

  • Food chosen for a nursing dog should be high in calories and fat.
  • The dog should easily digest food.
  • The food should be a rich source of vitamins and minerals.
  • You should supply her with fresh water numerous times a day so that she can produce sufficient milk for her little one.
  • Add fish oil, if possible, to her food to balance fatty acids.
  • Ask your veterinary doctor before giving milk to the nursing dog.
  • If you are feeding the nursing dog homemade food, try to feed it fresh. Don’t leave the food for a long time in the kitchen, and feed your dog.

How Much Should I Feed To My Nursing Dog?

A nursing dog usually requires twice the quantity of food she eats frequently. But some nursing dogs may even eat three times more than the regular food.

Well, it’s pretty normal to increase the appetite of a nursing dog as she has to feed her little one. Allow your dog to eat as much food as she wants. Your nursing dog will gradually reduce food when her puppies wean at 6 to 8 weeks.

Feeding Schedule For Nursing DogTry to break her meal into a few small portions instead of feeding a large meal at a time. It allows the stomach of the mother dog to be full at all times, and she will have fewer chances of having an upset stomach and digestive issues.

Your nursing dog will stay active if you feed it several times a day in small amounts.

How Can I Change My Nursing Dog Diet?

A dog usually puts on weight after six weeks of pregnancy and starts losing weight after giving birth.

If your nursing dog has lost weight after pregnancy, you need to diet accordingly. Always give food rich in vitamins and nutrients that are important for the health of a nursing dog. She will eat in large quantities while nursing her little ones.

But reduce her diet to one-fourth once her puppies start to wean. Later you can reduce it to half; after a few days, you can switch to a regular diet. If you are feeding chicken usually during nursing, don’t give her kibble in high quantities immediately after her puppies start weaning. Try to introduce kibble slowly. For instance, you can provide kibble in small quantities and observe any side effects in the dog. If she doesn’t have an upset stomach, vomiting, or any other health issues, then increase the quantity of kibble gradually.

What Can I Feed My Nursing Dog To Produce More Milk?

Milk thistle is a natural supplement that can increase milk production in a nursing dog. Apricot and zinc capsules are also helpful in enhancing milk production. But we recommend you consult a veterinary doctor before giving any tablets or diet to your nursing dog.


A dog goes through a delicate phase for a few weeks after pregnancy. She requires the highest care and attention while nursing her little one. You need to choose the food wisely for your nursing dog.

Good food rich in vitamins and minerals will help your dog produce milk and keep her healthy. It even helps to keep the cute little puppies healthy.

Thank you for reading this article, and hope you like it. In the comment section, you can ask us any queries related to the nursing dog diet. We will b happy to answer your queries.

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