There are nearly a hundred birds name that starts with the letter K. Out of the hundred names only a few are of 10 letters. We have done a little research to provide you with the information.


We will be updating the post on collection of more names in the future. Do comment if you happen to know any bird name not mentioned here.



3.Kaffir Rail

A little about each of the bird



They are a family of small to medium sized colorful birds and they are mostly found in the tropics of Africa, Asia, and Oceania. A kingfisher generally has a long sharp-pointed bill and short legs. Most species have bright plumage. They feed on fish and small vertebrates living near water bodies.


They are terrestrial tree kingfishers native to Australia. They are sexually dimorphic. Exclusively carnivorous feeding on insects, snakes, mice, reptiles and other birds.

Kaffir Rail 

A small wetland bird. They have long toes, a long slim red color bill, and a short tail. The adult Kaffir Rail has a brown back and blue-gray underparts. The flanks and tail underparts are having white and black barring.


We have covered most of the birds’ name in our posts. You can search for more posts on bird names that start with A to Z, and a different number of letters here on Kaziranga.

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