There are around 50 bird species whose names begin with the letter U. In total, there are approximately 10,000 different bird species worldwide, and their names span from A to Z.

We have listed these birds’ names after a ton of searches on the internet.  Will update you if any new names are found in the future.

  1. Udzungwa Forest Partridge
  2. Uguisu
  3. Uganda Woodland-Warbler
  4. Uhehe Fiscal
  5. Ula-ai-hawane
  6. Ultramarine Flycatcher
  7. Ultramarine Grosbeak
  8. Ultramarine Kingfisher
  9. Ultramarine Lorikeet
  10. Uluguru Bushshrike
  11. Uluguru Mountain Greenbul
  12. Uluguru Violet-backed Sunbird
  13. Umbrellabird
  14. Unadorned Flycatcher
  15. Undulated Antpitta
  16. Undulated Antshrike
  17. Undulated Tinamou
  18. Unicolored Antwren
  19. Unicolored Blackbird
  20. Unicolored Jay
  21. Unicolored Tapaculo
  22. Unicolored Thrush
  23. Uniform Antshrike
  24. Uniform Crake
  25. Uniform Finch
  26. Uniform Swiftlet
  27. Uniform Treehunter
  28. Uniform Woodcreeper
  29. Unspotted Saw-whet Owl
  30. Unstreaked Tit-Tyrant
  31. Upcher’s Warbler
  32. Upland Antshrike
  33. Upland Buzzard
  34. Upland Goose or Magellan Goose
  35. Upland Pipit
  36. Upland Sandpiper
  37. Ural Owl
  38. Urich’s Tyrannulet
  39. Ursula’s Sunbird
  40. Usambara Akalat
  41. Usambara Eagle-Owl
  42. Usambara Weaver
  43. Ussher’s Flycatcher


Udzungwa Forest Partridge

Small bird approximately 29 cms, brown partridge, gray underparts, red bill and yellow legs. The female is similar to the male. They are endemic to the Udzungwa forests of Tanzania.


Also, known as Japanese Bush Warbler. Small bird in size about 15 cms. It has olive-brown feathers on the back and dusky color on the belly and has yellow eyebrows. Mostly found in Japan, and during summer season can be found in China and Korea.

Uganda Woodland-Warbler

A small bird about 10 cms in size. having olive green upperparts and dark eye strips. This bird is found in the Central African countries like Cameroon, Uganda, Equatorial Guinea, Kenya.

Uhehe Fiscal

A slender, black and white bird growing to about 20 cm in size and, both the sexes are similar. They are endemic to the eastern and southern uplands of Tanzania. The wings are black and they have white straps on sides. They are a very little population of about 10,000 pairs.


An extinct bird found in the Hawaiian Islands was about 11 cms in size.

Ultramarine Flycatcher

A small arboreal bird also is known as White-browed blue flycatcher. Covered with deep blue feathers on head and sides. White patch runs down from breast to the belly. Feeds on insects and are found in small bushes. They are distributed from Himalayan hills to Assam.

Ultramarine Grosbeak

A small bird about 15 cms long. Males are dark blue with bright feathers on top. Female and Juvenile are of a completely different color that is brown. Found in the Northeast and central Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay to Argentina.

Ultramarine Kingfisher

A bird covered with navy blue feather except at neck and belly regions. They are found in subtropical and tropical forests of Bougainville Island and the Solomon Islands.

Ultramarine Lorikeet

A parrot species found in the Marquesas Islands. Their habitat is subtropical and tropical montane forests. Size is approx. 18 cms in length and the forehead is cobalt blue color and the rest head is purple-blue and the bill is orange in color.

Uluguru Bushshrike

Found in Uluguru mountains of Tanzania. A medium sized bird about 23 cms in length having bright green and yellow feathers. The shrike is having a powerful strong hooked bill.

Uluguru Mountain Greenbul

A bulbul species found in eastern Tanzania. Size is approx. 18 cms having green color feathers on the back and grayish white on the belly.

Uluguru Violet-backed Sunbird

A small violet backed sunbird found in eastern Kenya and easternTanzania. Both sexes are different. Male has a reddish violet forehead.


A middle-sized bird found in rainforests of Central and South America. They have a conspicuous crest on the top of their head, resembling an umbrella hence the name is Umbrellabird. Feeds on fruits, insects, and invertebrates. The male has wattle which they inflate during lekking.

Unadorned Flycatcher

This bird found in Bolivia and Peru. Their habitat is moist tropical and subtropical Montane forests. Olive above with rufous edging on black wings and pale yellow underparts.

Undulated Antpitta

Found in Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, and Venezuela. It has a gray crown and nape and orange underparts.

Undulated Antshrike

A large species of antbird from eastern Amazon forest to southeastern Columbia. The bird is about 23 cms in size and has a prominent crest. The crest is present in both the sexes. Male is black with grayish black barring throughout whereas the female is rusty brown with black barring.

Undulated Tinamou

A ground bird found in wooded habitats of the eastern and southern part of South America. The plumage does not have distinctive patterns, grayish white in color throughout the body with barrings. It forages for insects, fruits and seeds.

Unicolored Antwren

This bird is endemic to southeastern Brazil and their habitat is tropical and subtropical moist lowland forests. The Male plumage is grayish whereas the female has brown plumage.

Unicolored Blackbird

A common bird found in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, and Paraguay. Their habitat is swamps and nearby grasslands. The male is entirely black and the female has brown and black streaks with a yellow belly.

Unicolored Jay

As the name suggests it is entirely dark blue with black spectacles around the eye. They are found in cloud forests of northwestern Central America and southern and southeastern Mexico.

Unicolored Tapaculo

A least known bird found in Marañón valley of northern Peru. The plumage of male is blackish gray and in female paler gray, with brown rump.

Unicolored Thrush

Known to be found only in Bolivia this less known bird loves to live in the lowland. It is a warm brown colored thrush.

Uniform Antshrike

The bird is found in the forests of Bolivia, Peru, and Equador. The plumage is rufous on the crown, back, and belly.  The neck and side of the head is blackish gray.

Uniform Crake

It is found in wetlands and swampy forests of southern Mexico, and Central and South America. It has rufous plumage with blackish margins. The bill is dull yellowish green and the legs are pinkish.

Uniform Finch

Male and female are of a different color. Male is dark blue whereas the female is gray-brown color. Found in subtropical and tropical forests of Brazil, Paraguay, and far northeastern Argentina.

Uniform Swiftlet

Also known as lowland swiftlet as it forages for flying insects primarily in lowland forests and open areas. A medium sized swiftlet having dark gray-brown plumage, pale underparts.

Uniform Treehunter

A threatened species of bird found in Columbia and Equador. Smallest of the genus having a short bill.

Uniform Woodcreeper

Large woodcreeper found in the humid forest in the south-central Amazon of Bolivia and Brazil. Crown and mantle dark olive brown.

Unspotted Saw-whet Owl

A small owl is endemic to highlands of Central America in cloud forests. It feeds on small vertebrates like rodents, birds etc. It is short-tailed and dark brown above with white markings on the wings.

Unstreaked Tit-Tyrant

Unstreaked Tit-Tyrant is endemic to Peru found on the east slopes of Andes. Dark brown above with supercilium with a lemon yellow belly.

Upcher’s Warbler

A migratory bird breeds in Turkey to Pakistan and during winter season migrates to eastern Africa. A medium-sized warbler, slightly longer bill, shorter wings, and longer tail.

Upland Antshrike

Male is gray with blackish crown, wings, and tail. The wing coverts and rectrices have white tips and underparts is faintly barred. Females are olive brown and paler below with rufous crown.

Upland Buzzard

It is the biggest buzzard with a length of 57 to 71 cms and weighs up to 2 kg. It is found in many Asia Countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Kazakhstan, Japan, North KoreaSouthth Korea, Russia. Flanks and sides of the belly are dark and the plumage is dark brown.

Upland Goose or Magellan Goose

It belongs to the duck family and indigenous to the southern part of South America. They are sexually dimorphic, males are gray and white with black barring on the belly and upper back. Females are darker below and have chestnut heads.

Upland Pipit

Upland Pipit is found in  Afghanistan, China, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. A small to medium sized bird having brown and black strips on the back and whitish gray belly.

Upland Sandpiper

The upland sandpiper is a large sandpiper weighing roughly 170g and about 30 cms long. They are found in the rocky mountains to the south of Quebec. During winter migrate to Uruguay and Argentina. They forage on fields searching for insects, moths, flies, ants, millipedes, centipedes.

Ural Owl

A medium sized owl distributed across Europe and Asia. It has pale, buffish gray-brown plumage and brown streaking on back and underparts.

Urich’s Tyrannulet

They are endemic to Venezuela and found in subtropical and tropical montane forests. Olive green above and back with pale yellow underparts.

Ursula’s Sunbird

A rare species of bird found in western Cameroon and Bioko island. Male has gray forecrown and olive green hind crown. It has a curved bill which helps to collect nectar from flowers.

Usambara Akalat

The bird also called Usambara alethe, which is found only in the forests of Tanzania, has a dark brownish olive-colored plumage and its rump is a dark rufous-brown.

Usambara Eagle-Owl

The large owl has a tawny brown coat on its top half and its belly is marked with random black bars. It has a bill that appears whitish blue and its dull yellowish-orange eyes have bluish-white eyelids. This owl species can be found in Tanzania, specifically in tropical moist montane forests that are located at elevations ranging from 900 to 1,500 meters.

Usambara Weaver

Having bright yellow color belly and dark back pleasant to watch. They are endemic to Tanzania and can be found in the Tropical and Moist montane environments.

Ussher’s Flycatcher

A small bird found in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. They have gray to brown plumage.

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