dragonflies populations in NE India

Dragonflies are polymorphic the young one is known a Nymph which is completely different from the adult dragonfly that we see. Due to many reasons, the life cycle of the dragonflies is disturbed as a result their population has declined in the NorthEast part of India.

We have compiled ten reasons for the decline of the dragonfly population in NorthEast India.

1. Shrinkage of Water Bodies(Ponds, Lakes, Wetlands.

Dragonflies are usually found around water such as lakes, ponds, streams, and wetlands because their larvae, known as ‘nymphs’, are aquatic.

As the water bodies are decreasing in NorthEast India, this hampering the population of Dragonflies.

2. Wide use of Pesticides and Fertilizers.

Another common problem is the usage of Pesticides and Fertilizers in excessive quantities in farming lands. These chemicals then sip into the water bodies and destroy the habitat.

3. Insect populations on which Dragonflies feed also depleting, as a result, they are depleting.

Dragonflies eat small insects that live in the water bodies, particularly midges and mosquitoes.

4. Dragonflies are sensitive to the environment any changes in the environment affect their production.

The rise in water temperature has also impacted the life cycle of dragonflies.

5. A decrease in the insect populations nearby dragonflies’ habitat.

Dragonflies are carnivorous, they feed on mosquitos and such tiny insects. As their food has declined there is a reduction in population.

6. Loss of trees and habitat.

Deforestation has contributed to habitat loss and they became pretty homeless.

7. Use of DDT and Mosquito repellents.
8. Polluted water bodies.

Polluted waterbodies in both rural and town areas caused havoc on the dragonfly population.

9. Urbanization.

As more and more construction of buildings and factories is coming up in the Northeast region, this has fueled to dragonfly population decline.

10. Most important and burning environmental problem is the “Air Pollution”. Air Pollution causes a rise in temperature. Dragonflies need a minimum temperature to lay their eggs.

Air pollution has a great effect on dragonflies’ health. This makes them blind and becomes easy prey to birds.

This continuous destruction has not been limited to only dragonflies, all species of birds, mammals, insects, reptiles, amphibians, and insects have been going through a hard time. If we do not take action now all these creatures going to vanish from this beautiful land.



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