Who doesn’t like calling their pets with a cute name? A cute pet like a cat deserves a cute name from the owner. We have made a list of 10 cute bug names that you can use to name your cat.

  1. Firefly

Fireflies are the bugs or insects that you can find during the night on a starry night. These cute bugs feed on plant leaves and reproduce by laying eggs on soil, dead tree, etc.

2. Lysandra

A butterfly in the family Lycaenidae can be found in grasslands where goats and sheep graze. They have shimmering silvery-blue wings with black submarginal spots on the upper side.

3. Junebug

Also commonly known as green June bug or June beetle. They are found in the eastern part of the United States and Canada. They are destructive and feed on plants. The body color varies from dull brown with green stripes to a uniform metallic green.

4. Lantern bug

They are indigenous to China and are now found in Japan, South Korea. An adult lantern bug displays a blackhead, grey wings, and red hind wings. They feed on plant sap and produce a sugary liquid on plant leaves.

5. Chrysalis

It’s not a different bug than a butterfly. It is the pupa stage of a butterfly’s life cycle. The stage in which it has an outer fibrous protective coat.

6. Cicada

These bugs feed on plant sap and they lay eggs on tree bark. A cicada has prominent eyes that are wide apart, short antennae, and membranous front wings. They make characteristic loud sounds using a special structure called a tymbal.

7. Big-eyed caterpillar

The cutest bug you have ever seen. Its big eyes are just to disguise you, they are actually not eyes. These are called eyespots and are pigmented areas. It is the caterpillar stage of the Spicebush swallowtail butterfly.

8. Bee

The bug that gives you the sweet honey. Bees live in colonies in a waxy nest called a beehive.

9. Ladybird

A small size beetle is known as a ladybug in the US. They are adored because of their bright yellow, orange, or red color with small black spots on the back. They are considered beneficial bugs as most ladybirds prey on aphids or scale insects.

10. Beetle

Beetles form the largest order of insects. They can be found anywhere in the world except in the sea and polar regions. They feed on the dead decaying matter, insects, plants, etc.


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