How much does a baby hippo weigh?

The hippopotamus, also known as hippos, are commonly vegetarian mammals. They are one of the largest semi-aquatic animals. Hippos are the world’s third-largest animal, which lives inland, elephants and rhinoceros, ranking first and second. They are the heaviest existing artiodactyls. Hippo’s physical appearance is similar to pigs as well as some otherworldly even-toed ungulates. Having a barrel-shaped body, vast opening mouth disclosing big canine tusks, almost hairless torsos, wide, column-shaped legs make hippos distinct from others. Though their legs are short and thick, they can run 30km/h over short-range.

how much does a 1 year old hippo weigh?

Hippopotamuses belong to the Hippopotamidae family. They have diverged from almost 55 million years before. Baby hippos generally weigh from 25 to 50 kg which means 55 to 110 lbs. As they are significantly heavyweight, grow very fast, and within one year, they become almost 3-4 times heavier. Hippos live in lakes, rivers, and swamps. Local male hippos along with five to thirty female hippos reside on the stretch of a river. They stay in water or bog during the daytime to keep their body cool. They give birth to baby hippos in water on average 1.72 ft (127cm).

how much does a 2 year old hippo weigh?

A 2-year old baby hippo weighs nearly 500 to 600 lbs on average. When hippos are underwater, they pat their feet on mud to move forward in the water. The word hippopotamus means river horse. Hippos have closed nostrils to clear out the water and are capable of holding their breath for a few minutes. Adult male hippos weigh 3500 to 9920 lbs (1600 to 4500 kg), and adult female hippos are 3000 lbs (1400kg) on average. Their eyes and ears are over their head to identify enemies in the water, especially crocodiles, and to become alert as soon as possible.

how much does a 3 year old hippo weigh?

The weight of a 3-year old hippo is generally 1200lbs on average. Hippos come out from the water at dusk to eat grasses and graze on grasslands. While in water, hippos stay near each other, but at the time of eating, graze is unaccompanied. The land is not the territory of the hippopotamus. Due to their aggressiveness and uncertain characteristic, hippos could be very wild, threatening, and vicious. They fear the loss of their dwelling place and hunting for their flesh and ivory canine tusks. Hippos are of two species, one is a common hippo, and the other is the pygmy hippo.

Final Thought

Hippos are in danger because of their habitat loss and deforestation. To decrease the human-wildlife disputes, hippos are being shot in large numbers every year. People hunt hippos for their meat. Hippo-meat has been popular for years. The other reason for hunting them is their precious ivory canine tusks. Once upon a time, hippopotamuses could be found from the Nile Delta to the Cape, but now they live in certain areas.

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